The Dirty, Greedy Wijaya Family Claims “The End of Deforestation in Indonesia?” Maybe Because the Forest is Almost Gone!

Asia Pulp & Paper

Asia Pulp & Paper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to Rhett Butler’s (I know, great name, huh?) top-notch environmental journalism website,, the end of deforestation in biodiverse-rich Indonesia could be  finally within the realm of possibility.  Good but guarded news, indeed.

According to Mongabay’s article, widely known Earth-destroyer Asia Pulp & Paper, a world leader in paper and pulp products, and which is run by the ruthless, greedy, selfish, “fuck you Indonesia” Wijaya family, has announced a new policy that promises ZERO deforestation.  This ground-shaking policy went into effect February 1 and is so dramatic that, even after a long history of broken promises, graft, corruption and millions of destroyed forest acreage, displaced wildlife, and destroyed  habitat, “Greenpeace, will suspend its highly-damaging campaign against the paper giant.”

Why now?   Because APP suddenly saw the light?  Because they became screaming greenies?  Well, maybe, just maybe, it’s because much of the available concessions to develop rainforest is already gone?   If so, how nice of them.

Although I’m not one to quote right-wingers (occupational hazard for environmentalists), this “amazing” development still requires us to borrow that old admonition from Ronald Reagan: “Trust, but verify.”  Especially given the historical pattern of this past criminal actor here, namely the Wijaya family.

Perhaps as APP goes, other greed/profit-driven industry players will follow.  Now if we could only get the recalcitrant palm oil mafia goons to follow suit.


UPDATE:  2/13/2013:  Despite the concept of “the end of deforestation in Indonesia,” here’s a withering report on the reality.

It seems that the reason why deforestation has declined in the 2000s already is because most of the deforestation has ALREADY been done.  Here’s the long, detailed report from the Brookings Institute.

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