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UPDATE – 3/11/2013: Williams Sonoma — From Where Do They Source Their “Organic Palm Oil”?

On the same shopping trip last week that brought me to Bath and Body Works, we wandered into a Williams Sonoma store. Not really into the overpriced kitchen objects I continued my label reading. Sure enough, many Williams Sonoma products, … Continue reading

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Boycott Bath and Body Works Products That Contain Retinyl Palmitate (Palm Oil)

I stumbled into a Bath and Body Works store (or whatever it’s called…Bed, Bath and Body?)  in a mall this past weekend.  Bored to tears while my girlfriend shopped I read labels.  To my disgust I found retinyl palmitate in many … Continue reading

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While 40,000 Citizens Rally Against Climate Change, Obama Plays Golf With Oil Men

From alterNet: Talk about bad optics. How does it look when President Obama, who suddenly and somewhat cowardly, just recently got his climate change groove back after going silent running during the campaign, plays golf in sunny Florida with … Continue reading

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UPDATE 3/13/2013: How Will the Obama Administration Rule on Keystone XL Pipeline? Can We Read the Tea Leaves?

Nearly 40,000 protesters turned out (I’m sure Fox will say only “hundreds”) on a cold Washington, D.C. this past Sunday. These brave, courageous souls, spurred on by such activist organizations as, brought voice to an issue that went completely … Continue reading

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Obama on Climate Change

Despite President Obama’s mention of climate change during last night’s SOTU speech, here’s his actual record:  (from Daniel Souweine at Forcast the Facts): Related articles Scientists Applaud Climate Change Call to Action; Express Concern with Sequestration’s Threat to R&D ( … Continue reading

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Tea Bagger Marco Rubio’s Mocking of Climate Change Goes Against 65% of Americans

(Look, I hate that I am posting a photo of this doughy, pudgy, balding Republican on my beloved environmental blog.  But he IS a newsmaker.  So I suitably gave it appropriate touches.) A parched and thirsty Marco Rubio — a favorite of the elderly, … Continue reading

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House Republicans — On the Wrong Side of History (Again) Of Climate Change

It’s hard to believe it’s actually 2013…considering we have Republicans — well, tea baggers, actually — making concerted efforts to push this country back to an idyllic, mythologized snapshot of a 1950s America that never existed. In South Dakota, Republican … Continue reading

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