The Gentle, Intelligent Nature of Dolphins — And the Evil, Greedy Nature of Humans


English: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s a touching story about a pod of dolphins that, “formed a raft to help save a struggling member of their pod.”  Although the struggling dolphin ended up dying, the video is a strong testament to the gentle, loving, intelligent nature of these creatures.  (I’m loathe to say “human-like” because I have a pretty poor opinion of the human race.  See below.)

Here’s the link to the video:

Now the flip-side bad news:  Reports out of the Solomon Islands yesterday claim that dolphin traders murdered some 900 dolphins in a contract dispute (?!) with the environmental NGO Earth Island Institute.  Apparently, the islanders claim that Earth Island didn’t come through with the required payment to keep them from partaking in their dolphin hunt.  Naturally, Earth Island Institute disputes this claim and blames it on (governmental) intermediaries who held onto the money.   Hmm, wonder which group this bleeding heart greenie will believe?  The greedy dolphin killers, or the dolphin-loving do-gooders?

So the very intelligent species depicted in the video above is the same one being slaughtered in the hundreds just so these islanders can sell dolphin parts on the market.  Sickening.  There’s got to be another way of making a living.

Here’s the link to that story:

Earth Island Institute logo.

Earth Island Institute logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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