“Banana Republics” Continue to Clear Land for Palm Oil

Ba-na-na re-pub-lic:   a small country with an unstable government and an economy dependent on the export of a single product or on outside financial help.

English: Ongoing deforestation and palm oil pl...

English: Ongoing deforestation and palm oil plantations leave no room for the orang-utan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, if that doesn’t fit Indonesia, which is dependent on monocoulture palm oil, I don’t know what does.  Except maybe add greed, corruption, world-wide demand, etc.

But it’s stories like this one that just makes anti-palm oil/pro-orangutan activists feel helpless.

According to a new story in the Borneo Post Online, the always vigilant NGOs in Borneo are now protesting a proposed private 400 HA palm oil plantation that, “lies next to the Kulamba Wildlife Reserve in Lahad Datu, a critical area for  orang utan  [sic] and other wildlife.”

Such news is infuriating, to be sure, especially considering this plantation is so close to protected lands.  But it also leads to this overwhelming feeling of helplessness.  How can we hope to curtail deforestation of rainforest habitat when these “banana republics” continue to allow it?  Is it greed?  Is it corruption?  Is it demand (thanks Dr. Oz!).  Yep, it’s all that and more.

So glad we have these NGOS on the ground to continue to get the word out.
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