Kenya Shows Balls: Kills Two Elephant Poachers Amid National Outrage Over Recent Elephant Slaughter

Elephant on Safari in Kenya

Elephant on Safari in Kenya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Amid Kenyan national outrage over the very recent slaughter of a family of twelve elephants (some reports count eleven), news came a couple of weeks ago that two poachers were killed by Kenyan authorities.  But not before the heartless, sub-human poachers killed another four elephants.

Thank God (if there is one) for the outrage.  It’s good news that Kenya’s cracking down and showing courage amid the murderous onslaught.

I’ll say it again:  Kill poachers on sight!  The greedy human race is no damn good.

Here’s the January 10, 2013 story:

UPDATE – 3/4/2013:  Here’s a fascinating (and infuriating) article in the New York Times today about Asia’s top wildlife smuggler, Laotian Vixay Keosavang, “the Pablo Escobar of wildlife trafficking.”  Seemingly untouchable in Laos, he often hires rail-thin, petite Asian women who pretend they “legally” hunted (jumbo-sized) endangered animls as rhinos, elephants (for ivory, of course) when they’re not big enough to even hold the fucking gun.

Phone Rhino Bagging Photo

(Photo attributed to Freeland Foundation.)  Thai woman who authorities say was hired to claim that she had hunted the rhino.

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