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Starburst, Skittles and Palm Oil – An Update

For those who read this blog in reverse chronological order, I just received some good news about Wrigley products.  You may not get to this good news for awhile reading backwards, so please read today’s updates on my original post. It can be … Continue reading

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Updated 2/4/2013: Crushing News: 3 More Pygmy Elephants Found Dead in Malaysia (Total Now 13)

It’s crushing to read news like this:  At first the decomposing bodies of ten critically endangered  pygmy elephants were found in the Gunung Rara Forest Reserve, which is located in the state of Sabah, Malaysia, on the island of Borneo.  Now three … Continue reading

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The Gentle, Intelligent Nature of Dolphins — And the Evil, Greedy Nature of Humans

Here’s a touching story about a pod of dolphins that, “formed a raft to help save a struggling member of their pod.”  Although the struggling dolphin ended up dying, the video is a strong testament to the gentle, loving, intelligent nature of … Continue reading

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“Banana Republics” Continue to Clear Land for Palm Oil

Ba-na-na re-pub-lic:   a small country with an unstable government and an economy dependent on the export of a single product or on outside financial help. Well, if that doesn’t fit Indonesia, which is dependent on monocoulture palm oil, I don’t … Continue reading

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“Humans A Plague On the Earth”: Mr. Attenborough Meet Thomas Malthus

Legendary British naturalist and documentarian expressed my thoughts precisely: “We [humans] are a plague on the Earth.” “Either we limit our population growth or the natural world will do it for us, and the natural world is doing it for us right … Continue reading

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Kenya Shows Balls: Kills Two Elephant Poachers Amid National Outrage Over Recent Elephant Slaughter

Amid Kenyan national outrage over the very recent slaughter of a family of twelve elephants (some reports count eleven), news came a couple of weeks ago that two poachers were killed by Kenyan authorities.  But not before the heartless, sub-human poachers … Continue reading

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Whole Foods: Hippie Supermarket is Anything But

The New Yorker did a piece on the CEO of Whole Foods John Mackey a few years ago in 2010. It was an eye-opening expose for me, a committed liberal and environmentalist, who just assumed that Whole Foods — with … Continue reading

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