Boycott Banana Boat Products! Canned Corporate BS

DARK tanning lotion -- it didn't work very wel...

DARK tanning lotion — it didn’t work very well for me (Photo credit: Fatty Tuna)

I was headed to the desert to watch football games with some old college buddies a few weeks ago.  Because it was sunny and hot I stopped to buy some fresh sunblock.  A Neutrogena product and a Banana Boat product. 

Days later, I looked at the labels, which I should have done before I purchased.  All over the label were ingredients derived from palm oil apparently.

Off went an email:  Here’s their response:

Thank you for your inquiry today. My records show I responded to your inquiry on December 13th so I am sorry to hear you did not receive my reply. Thank you for contacting us concerning our Banana Boat Lotions and our use of palm oil.

We are not able to provide you with specific information about where we source our ingredients. However, Energizer Personal Care is committed to making everyday lives better for today and tomorrow. Our product portfolio of infant care, feminine care, shaving and sun protection products is designed with consumer health and safety in mind, as well as the environment. Not only can people feel good using our products, they can feel good about using our products.

Energizer Personal Care has taken proactive steps to minimize the impact of its products and manufacturing processes on the environment and continues to implement and look for ways to improve these measures today.

Energizer Personal Care has also made significant packaging improvements, which has a positive impact at every stage of the product lifecycle. These include reducing the amount of materials used in packaging, using recycled materials where possible, using organic inks and creating more efficient shipping options by bundling products with shrink wraps and reducing the size of containers needed for packing and shipping.

We appreciate you bringing your concerns about the rainforest to our attention and have forwarded your comments to our Marketing and Research Teams.


Well, this does NOTHING to make me feel better.  A bunch of canned corporate public relations bullshit.  If they cared, they’d find an alternative to palm oil products.

Well, I’ll be boycotting these products from now on.  Suggest you all do too.  But it falls on deaf ears unless you tell the company why you’re boycotting loudly and clearly — because these products add to the demand that is causing the deforestation, death, displacement, and destruction! THAT’S WHY!  (Not to mention adding to the coffers of the palm oil mafia goons and their governmental conspirators.)

(Neutrogena response to follow.  I don’t hold out much hope.)

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5 Responses to Boycott Banana Boat Products! Canned Corporate BS

  1. Robert Hii says:

    lovin what yr doin !
    If we had a coupla thousand more like you, Banana Boat would be showing a lot more respect to their customers re the use of palm oil.

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  3. LeAnn Fox says:

    Hi Getting on my soapbox, Hey you have to leave me some room too. Always good to have somebody else take a turn up there and give me a break. Given your postings looks like we are kindred spirits.

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