Redneck Pick-Up Truck Raises My Enviro Ire

The Blue Marble from Apollo 17

The Blue Marble from Apollo 17 (Photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video)

I was driving to work this morning in my all-electric Nissan Leaf when my enviro/greenie/loves-nature blood started to boil.  I look over at this obvious redneck’s pick-up truck in the next lane — and all its bumper stickers.  (I’m an avid bumper sticker reader, especially in traffic.) But this one seemed like an oxymoron.  There along with the ubiquitous Born Again “NOTW” sticker (you know, the kind one seems to see only on the biggest, smog-belching, gas-guzzling behemoths on the road and reduce the whole Word, Immaculate Conception, life of teaching, horrific sacrificial death, and resurrection of their Savior to a crass slogan slapped on a bumper; He’s “Not Of This World,” get it?) was an apparent Earth First! sticker!  What the hell, I thought to myself.  I mean, I’m a screaming liberal greenie and have an Earth First! t-shirt because although I don’t support their vandalism, I support their “earth first!” mentality.  But this guy?!  How could this obvious (Christian), right-wing redneck (he also had a pro-gun sticker) also be an environmentalist?  Was I wrong?  Did I label him too quickly?

Yes, I immediately stereotyped and felt a little bad about it.  Thanks liberal guilt.  But upon closer inspection I saw what it really said.  Yes, I was right!:

Redneck Truck


We Can Log the Other Planets Later” 

Holy shit!  An unabashed call to rape and pillage our planet first — and any others that the stupid, selfish, greedy human race can make it to in the future to also rape and pillage them!?

Why is it these days that Born Again Christians are so bound and determined to despoil the very planet that their alleged Creator allegedly bestowed upon them — and rationalize those actions by saying it’s their god-given right?  What of Christians being good stewards of Earth (what a beautiful planet.  See the Apollo 17 “portrait” above that’s making the rounds on its 40th anniversary.)  I tell ya, it’s that mentality that drove me away from my Christian upbringing in the first place.  Worship God, sure, but don’t forget to strip mine, dig-deep, chop-down, enflame, pollute, frack, squeeze, rape, pillage, destroy and KILL all that He (or She) created?  There’s a fundamental disconnect with these crazies.  And I’ve had it with the crazy Christian bullshit.

What a shock the redneck driver was an old, white, gray-haired (bearded) male.  Just your average, everyday tea-bagger.

Check out his other stickers too, if you can.

“Guns Kill People

Like Spoons …”

Geezus freaking Christmas.

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  1. Celina Romeiro says:

    Love it! Thanks! Celina

    Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2012 18:30:44 +0000 To:

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