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UPDATED – Neutrogena Passes the Buck to Johnson & Johnson on Palm Oil

I wrote to Neutrogena to ask from where they source their palm oil for the sun block that I mistakenly bought before checking the label (hey, I’m human!).  I waited and waited.  Finally I re-wrote Neutrogena again.  This time I … Continue reading

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Boycott Banana Boat Products! Canned Corporate BS

I was headed to the desert to watch football games with some old college buddies a few weeks ago.  Because it was sunny and hot I stopped to buy some fresh sunblock.  A Neutrogena product and a Banana Boat product.  Days … Continue reading

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Redneck Pick-Up Truck Raises My Enviro Ire

I was driving to work this morning in my all-electric Nissan Leaf when my enviro/greenie/loves-nature blood started to boil.  I look over at this obvious redneck’s pick-up truck in the next lane — and all its bumper stickers.  (I’m an avid bumper sticker … Continue reading

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