Kraft Philadlephia Creme Cheese – Vitamin A Palmitate — That’s Palm Oil

cream cheese

cream cheese (Photo credit: genibee)

Stumbled on palm oil in my cream cheese:  vitamin A palmitate (the last one).  I tried to get some info from Kraft.  When I finally got a customer service rep on the phone, she read from a script, which does NOT absolve Kraft from the huge palm oil problem.   After she put me on hold and grabbed some script — she read (stifly) from their “sustainability policy.”  I asked her if I could get a copy of that for posting.  She snapped, saying “It’s proprietary.”  I countered, “You just read it to me!  How is that proprietary!?  I could have written it down verbatim?”  After she put me on hold, I found this same canned corporate response on an anti-palm oil website from 2010:  It’s the same and hasn’t changed:

Kraft Foods does not purchase crude palm oil, but buys fats derived from palm oil from specialised suppliers. Our suppliers source their palm oil predominantly from Malaysia and Indonesia. Kraft Foods buys less than 0.5% of worldwide production.

Kraft is aware of the ecological and social impacts of deforestation of tropical forests and shares the concern about the potential long-term consequences of this development.

This is why we encourage our palm oil suppliers to address these concerns and participate in the “Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)”. Roundtable members include the World Wildlife Fund, governments of palm oil producing countries, plantation
owners, traders, the food industry and our most important palm oil suppliers.

We support the goals and efforts of RSPO to develop guidelines promoting responsible palm oil production. We actively encourage our suppliers to pursue more effective enforcement according to the organisation’s sustainability principles and criteria. That is why, in principle, we also support the call for a moratorium, as it is substantively in line with the Roundtable’s principles regarding conversion of rainforests and peatland areas for palm oil.

So Kraft is responsible for .5% of the deforestation, destruction of orangutans, displacement of human inhabitants — and exacerbation of global warming.

BOYCOTT KRAFT — and let them know.  Or it means nothing!

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