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Kookaburra Licorice – Going Palm Oil Free!

Finally some good news on the corporate/palm oil front!  So I found some Kookaburra Licorice in a local hardware store (of all places).  Being a big Aussie fan, I had to check out the bag — and read the label. … Continue reading

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The Sheer Evil of Palm Oil Greed – 3 Rare Sumatran Elephants Killed by Palm Plantation Workers

There’s no stopping the fucking evil nature of palm oil greed in Indonesia and Malaysia. Here’s the latest atrocity: THREE critically-endangered Sumatran elephants found dead in Indonesia’s Riau province were probably poisoned in a revenge attack by palm oil plantation workers, an … Continue reading

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Paul Mitchell Does NOT Use Palm Oil!

Saw palm oil code words on my Paul Mitchell Conditioner: cetyl alcohol or stearic alchohol, so I wrote them about it fearing the worst. Here’s their response: Thank you for your inquiry about whether Paul Mitchell utilizes palm oil. The cetyl … Continue reading

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Kraft Philadlephia Creme Cheese – Vitamin A Palmitate — That’s Palm Oil

Stumbled on palm oil in my cream cheese:  vitamin A palmitate (the last one).  I tried to get some info from Kraft.  When I finally got a customer service rep on the phone, she read from a script, which does … Continue reading

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