Die Yuppie Scum! (And Religious Fervor)

Die Yuppie Scum

Die Yuppie Scum (Photo credit: Curtis Gregory Perry)

That old 1980s mantra, “Die Yuppie Scum,” comes to mind after reading the latest data about whose demand is driving the wildlife slaughter around the world. Rhinos, elephants and other majestic, ivory-tusked creatures are NOT being driven to extinction by the mystical beliefs of elderly, Asian, rural family patriarchs looking for medicines, etc., but, rather, by wealthy, urban, Asian yuppies in the 25 – 45 age range. These single-celled yuppie scum organisms are driving the wildlife decimation in their all-important (in their mind) quest for higher status.

Here’s the story (Mongabay is a great site):


A new strategy is being discussed of having thought leaders (man, do I hate that seemingly ridiculous marketing term) educate this classless yuppie class on the ruinous effects of their greedy, selfish ways. An example would be using local heroes, like ex-NBA star Yao Ming, who is already a wildlife advocate. He’s a great role model.

UPDATED 09/14/2012:  An article today reveals that, after a three year survey, religious fervor — and the need for religious iconograpy trinkets made of ivory — is also driving the bloody, murderous ivory trade.

Well, whether it’s yuppie scum, religious zealots, or piano players with a desire to “tickle the ivories,” whatever’s driving demand has got to be stopped in its tracks.

Story here:  http://news.mongabay.com/2012/0914-elephant-slaughter-ngs.html

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