Elephants Massacred by Ugandan Army Helicopters! The toll of the Chinese Ivory Demand

Ivory Chess Set China

Ivory Chess Set China (Photo credit: mharrsch)

“[T]he strange way the elephant carcasses were found, clumped in circles, with the calves in the middle for protection, was yet another sign that a [Ugandan army] helicopter had corralled them together” for massacre.

This is a horrifying and infuriating (and brave) story about how the Chinese demand for ivory spells the extinction of the African elephant and rhino populations:  Read it here:


An expert is quoted saying that if the Asian ivory demand was halted, then the ivory trade would all but dry up.

How to stop all these elements:  the Asian ivory demand, the Chinese workers in Africa, their government conspirators, the American-backed national armies (Uganda), the Kony-style rebel militias looking for funding money for weapons, the Asian crime syndicates, the crushing African poverty….How to stop this madness?

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