Finally, Irwandi Yusuf is Disgraced – Hope for Tripa Orangutans!?

Aceh Governor Irwandi Yusuf Speaking at Indone...

Aceh Governor Irwandi Yusuf Speaking at Indonesian Embassy. September 14, 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The horrific Tripa swamp fires of March and April shocked the world and raised the consciousness of a seemingly conscience-free Indonesia. (You know, the fires that revealed such blood-curdling stories as panicked orangutans fleeing the forest flames only to be turned back to their deaths by plantation goons who would not let them escape?) Well, a few days ago, those villagers who were displaced, that forest that was destroyed, and those orangutans that were murdered, thankfully did not die in vain.   An appeals court has recently handed the WALHI plaintiffs a complete vindication in the court case that challenged the power of the palm oil plantations and their conspiratorial collusion with the local politicians (I’m looking at you, Aceh province governor Irwandi Yusuf).

The ruling contained among other things: 1) the granting of the WALHI appeal; 2) cancellation of the contested Tripa license issued by the Governor of Aceh (then Yusuf) on August 25, 2011; 3) an order to the current Governor of Aceh to withdraw the contested State Administrative Decision issued by Yusuf on the plantation permit to PT. Kalista Alam issued on August 25, 2011; 4) and an order that the Defendants jointly cover the cost of the suit.

Make no mistake: this legal ruling appears to completely disgrace Yusuf’s claims of ever being the “Green Governor.”

What this means for the future of Indonesia’s forests and its inhabitants is not clear, but this complete and utter victory sure doesn’t suck!

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