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Stop the EPA From Including Palm Oil in BioFuel Standards!

  Picture of Rainforest Devastation from Palm Oil courtesy of Borneo Flickr Rainforest Action Network If you care, if you have a heart, if you love the beautiful creatures and their rainforest home, you must sign this petition. ┬áIt will … Continue reading

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Die Yuppie Scum! (And Religious Fervor)

That old 1980s mantra, “Die Yuppie Scum,” comes to mind after reading the latest data about whose demand is driving the wildlife slaughter around the world. Rhinos, elephants and other majestic, ivory-tusked creatures are NOT being driven to extinction by … Continue reading

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Elephants Massacred by Ugandan Army Helicopters! The toll of the Chinese Ivory Demand

“[T]he strange way the elephant carcasses were found, clumped in circles, with the calves in the middle for protection, was yet another sign that a [Ugandan army] helicopter had corralled them together” for massacre. This is a horrifying and infuriating … Continue reading

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Finally, Irwandi Yusuf is Disgraced – Hope for Tripa Orangutans!?

The horrific Tripa swamp fires of March and April shocked the world and raised the consciousness of a seemingly conscience-free Indonesia. (You know, the fires that revealed such blood-curdling stories as panicked orangutans fleeing the forest flames only to be … Continue reading

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