UPDATED – 30 Elephants Massacred in Chad for Asia’s Ancient Mystical Beliefs!

  • English: Elephant killed By poachers, Voi area...

    English: Elephant killed By poachers, Voi area, Kenya Deutsch: Gewilderter Elefant (erkennbar u. a. an den fehlenden Stoßzähnen und der Tarnung durch Äste etc.), Voi Distrikt Kenia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The news in this article so crushed and infuriated me that I was actually kept up last night.


POACHERS IN CHAD MASSACRED 30 ELEPHANTS ON TUESDAY, JUNE 24.  All to meet the greedy, growing appetite for ivory in Asia, who have a 6th century belief of ivory’s medicinal and magical powers!  JEEZUS!  All in front of the terrified eyes of a baby male elephant baby!

So now there’s a worldwide movement to actually legalize the ivory trade — all in the hope of stopping such brazen massacres.  In other words, allow the killing of some rhinos and elephants to save the entire species from extinction (for what!?  Fucking ivory!).  Sacrifice some so all may live.

And Asia is the most back-assward continent on the planet; mired in its ancient mystical bullshit, while charming and quaint for the most part, it also leads to environmental, personal and social degradation.  China would fuck over its own people and environment just to make a buck (oh, I’m sorry, I thought they were communist?)  (The West is not immune, I know, but I’m on an anti-Asia ivory trade rant right now.)

I’m for shooting all poachers on sight.  That’s the deterrent I prefer.

In the face of such horror (and others), the human race appears selfish, ugly, greedy and prone to the mental disease to use more than it needs — like no other creature on the planet.  (Watch the Tom Shadyac documentary, “I AM”.)

UPDATE – 08/082012:  More heartbreaking and tragic news from Chad — four more elephants were slaughtered by cruel,heartless, greedy poachers.  Here’s the story:


Here’s my solution:  Hit Asia with sanctions over their ivory buys, execute the poachers and their conspirators, cut off the horns of the elephants and rhinos and, regrettably, sell them on a new legal ivory market.  That’s how we stop this sickening, senseless killing.

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  1. GiRRL_Earth says:

    I thought you might appreciate this video of Philip Wollen, in case you haven’t seen it. I align myself to Philip Wollen. http://youtu.be/uQCe4qEexjc

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