McCain’s Own 2008 Opposition Research on Willard

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Willard Mitt Romney has shown himself to be such a massive toolbox lately that he deserves the scrutiny he’s getting.  (It’s not an attack, by the way, he’s shooting himself in the foot!)  While I’m not the hugest Obama fan either (I think he’s a centrist corporatist myself), it’s obvious Willard will do and say anything to get elected.

Just read this illuminating, infuriating and ultimately nauseating catalog of Romney’s various and sundry flip-flops over the years.  It’s supposedly John McCain’s own 2008 opposition research on Willard.  But set aside a big block of time.  It’s only about 200+ pages.  It shows just how only skin-deep (or cash-deep, that is) Romney’s own belief system truly is (or isn’t).  He’s truly the picture of the quintessential contemporary non-idealist politician.

Here’s the link:

And remember, after amassing this — and looking at all the financial vetting records that Willard refuses to give to the American people (his electors) — McCain (now an increasingly senile old man, a shell of his old “maverick” self) still chose Sarah Palin (the male masturbatory fantasy of every white, middle-aged tea-bagger) to be his VP.

Man, this either says something about Willard, or about how desperate McCain was to win back then.

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