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UPDATED – 30 Elephants Massacred in Chad for Asia’s Ancient Mystical Beliefs!

The news in this article so crushed and infuriated me that I was actually kept up last night. POACHERS IN CHAD MASSACRED 30 ELEPHANTS ON TUESDAY, JUNE 24.  All to meet the greedy, growing appetite for ivory in Asia, who have a … Continue reading

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McCain’s Own 2008 Opposition Research on Willard

Willard Mitt Romney has shown himself to be such a massive toolbox lately that he deserves the scrutiny he’s getting.  (It’s not an attack, by the way, he’s shooting himself in the foot!)  While I’m not the hugest Obama fan … Continue reading

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From Rainforests to Palm Oil – in Pictures (From

Check out these sad and chilling photos….from lush, bio-diverse forests, to stark, sickening monoculture palm oil plantations. GO HERE: The only people who make money from this  practice are the government officials, the palm oil goons, and the local … Continue reading

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