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YAY Human Race! We’re Causing the Sixth Global Extinction Event!

Man, I thought the U.S. was bad (FYI, 3%).  Look at India. Further proof that our simple, everyday purchasing decisions are “causing the globe’s sixth major extinction event.”  Sumatran tigers, elephants and orangutans are being sacrificed at the altar of palm … Continue reading

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What Cities Will Be Underwater In 100 Years?

A stunning graphic. “Leadership is taking measures to avoid catastrophe when 98% of experts believe it’s true rather than ignoring it because 20% of non-experts believe it might be false.”

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Three More Elephants Poisoned by Palm Oil Goons in Indonesia

When will this f-ing madness stop?  Palm oil — sustainable or otherwise — is just plain evil.   Related articles Three Sumatran elephants poisoned ( Three Rare Sumatran Elephants Found Dead Of Poisoning (

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