A Bubble of Sanity Floats to the Surface of the Indonesian Quagmire of Palm Oil/Government Corruption

Finally a bit of good news out of Indonesia.  It seems the lush Tripa forestland that was wrongfully removed from the May 2011 moratorium map — and allowed to be sold, torched and developed for palm oil robber barons by that rat bastard criminal Irwandi Yusuf (since deposed) — was reinstated to its original protected status.  As they say in Pulp Fiction, though, “Let’s not start giving each other blow j#bs just yet,” because this really just means that all they’re doing is rightfully returning land to its already protected status.  It’s not like they’re adding more land to the protection list.  That would be the right thing to do, wouldn’t it!?

Here’s a link to the story:


I took the above photo of an orang at the San Diego Zoo last week.  The crowds loved these beloved zoo inhabitants!  If only they read the sign outside the huge enclosure that attempted to educate on the link between what’s in their cupboards and orangutan extinction.  Fat chance.

Crowds also tended to ignore the huge billboard that loudly trumpeted the global warming crisis (the hockey stick of “An Inconvenient Truth” fame).  I actually heard an adult (!) say, “Is that bad?,” when faced with such a graphic depiction of the exponential growth in human-caused CO2!  Geezus!  Guess I shouldn’t be surprised that people aren’t listening to the message — or are lapping up the lies from the discredited Heartland Institute and other such Koch-ian think tanks (an oxymoron if there ever was one).  Screw the media’s fascination with false objectivity!

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