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Boycott Unsustainable Palm Oil (Is There Such a Thing as Sustainable Palm Oil?)

Here’s my quarterly (or monthly…or daily…) reminder to stop using unsustainable palm oil.  Palm oil demand leads to the 4 Ds — deforestation, destruction (of habitat), death (of critically endangered species, like the orangutan), and displacement (of indigenous human forest inhabitants), not … Continue reading

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A Bubble of Sanity Floats to the Surface of the Indonesian Quagmire of Palm Oil/Government Corruption

Finally a bit of good news out of Indonesia.  It seems the lush Tripa forestland that was wrongfully removed from the May 2011 moratorium map — and allowed to be sold, torched and developed for palm oil robber barons by that … Continue reading

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American Law Firms Lobbying (Read: Selling What Souls They Have Left) on Behalf of Palm Oil Companies

U.S. firms sell out again and jump on the palm oil gravy train.  The (environmental) press is reporting that two big Washington, D.C. law firms, Holland & Knight and Van Ness Feldman, have taken on palm oil giants as their … Continue reading

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UPDATE – 4/2013: Unilever Will Source 100% Sustainable Palm Oil by End of 2012/Certified Sustainable by 2015

Here’s a bit of good news from a corporate giant amid so much bad, depressing environmental news.  Unilever updated their corporate sustainability report recently.  In it, they said that they would shoot for the “ambitious” goal of sourcing its sustainable palm oil from … Continue reading

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Updated: Indonesia Denies Increased Deforestation.

Oh yeah?  A picture’s worth a thousand words. (Image of the damage of Tripa Peat Swamp ( of Atjeh Post) Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) Here’s the story about the lying liars and the palm oil goons who pay them off: UPDATED … Continue reading

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“The elephant’s calf was ‘crying’ and ‘making noises’ of distress as it stood by its mother dying on the ground.”

I am still mortified with sadness and so f-ing angry over this all too typical Indonesian story, where habitat and animal destruction occurs daily.  Today, news comes that WWF Indonesia is demanding that the country investigate the murder. Here’s the … Continue reading

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Indonesia Poisons Rare Sumatran Elephants — Just How Evil is Palm Oil?!

I came across this article today. A rare Sumatran elephant  — because of depleting habitat in Indonesia due to the insane quest for fuc$ing palm oil — was poisoned by villagers because it was apparently straying into cropland! I … Continue reading

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