While Banana Republic Indonesia Lets its Last Forests Burn, It’s Left to NGOs to do the Saving

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In the wake of the Tripa swamp fires, Indonesia continues to burn its last forests for $$$, leading to the 4 Ds (deforestation, destruction, displacement and death). The banana republic’s leaders don’t care. The ousted “Green Governor” Irwandi Yusuf, doesn’t care (unless he’s getting paid, apparently). And obviously the palm oil plantation robber barons don’t care.

So it’s left to the NGOs to save the world in the face of so much greed, corruption and graft. Earlier today, an orangutan had to be rescued from the very area that was being torched by the palm oil goons. Here’s the story:


Here’s an in-depth Rainforest Action Network report about how the palm oil plantation octopus is pushing the orangutan (among other species) toward extinction:


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