UPDATED – Cargill Responds — In Light of Sumatran Fires For Palm Oil


Cargill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In light of the Tripa fires in Sumatra, my rage forced me to write the following email to Cargill. (It’s not the most eloquent or articulate but it does convey my anger):

“100 Orangutans Lost in Indonesian Fires [for Palm Oil]”
In light of the carnage that is occurring NOW in Indonesia to meet YOUR COMPANY’S DEMAND for palm oil, what are you doing about it?
What is your company’s policy on shifting to an alternative, safe oil, or to “sustainable” palm oil (a myth at this point)? The world is witnessing a global tragedy NOW right before our very eyes.

And in the last few days, Rainforest Action Network has called Cargill out for their possible complicity in the deforestation.

Well, I received a response today to my email from Cargill’s flack. Take it for what it’s worth:

Thank you for your email and for sharing your concern about protection of rainforests and habitat in Sumatra. Cargill shares your concern that palm oil should be produced in a responsible way and we are helping lead efforts to move the palm oil industry towards more sustainable production.
You should be aware that Cargill does not do business with the companies currently accused of inappropriate land conversion in Tripa. Specifically, Cargill does not source crude palm oil from PT Kallista Alam, as claimed by Rainforest Action Network. Cargill is also working to preserve natural habitat for orangutans through our partnership with Fauna & Flora International.
For more information about our palm oil commitments and our work to protect biodiversity, visit Cargill.com/corporate-responsibility.
The world has to continue to keep the pressure on these corporations and the palm oil industry.
UPDATE – 1/3/2013: Just saw this about Cargill’s alleged efforts to halt all unsustainable palm oil development.
Cargill’s plantations in South Sumatra province, Indonesia, are 100%-certified sustainable, and the company expects to achieve full certification in West Kalimantan province by 2015, D. Chandramohan, the company’s director of corporate affairs said in a recent interview.
Link to full story here:
But then there’s this – Rainforest Action Network takes issue with Cargill:

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