Updated: Destroying Tripa in Order to Save it! Irwandi Yusuf Threatens to Torch the Rest of Aceh Rainforests to Show The World

Laughably “green” governor Irwandi Yusuf has lost it. Taking a page from the discredited Vietnam-era tactic of “destroying the village in order to save it,” the Machiavellian “king” of Aceh Province’s graft and corruption is now making a unique defense amid white-hot worldwide attention on the Tripa death, destruction and displacement wrought by his own land grant to palm oil giant PT. Kallista Alam. Yes, he actually has the brass ones to make the case that he was really saving the forest when he granted the permit to allow its own burning. Brilliant.

Here’s a link to the story. It’s great for its unmasking of Yusuf’s sheer jaw-dropping bullshittedness:


You see, it’s all part of his ingenius, carefully calculated strategy (on Flip-Flop Day, one would guess) to bring attention to the world’s lack of attention to the climate change problem by adding to it. Well played, Mr. Yusuf. Well played. Oh, and you get kickbacks, money, and showered with gifts while you thrash wildly, scraping for a metaphorical life ring as you drown in the environmental rainforest/orangutan/palm oil shit-storm of your own making. More startling is his admission that he actually “hates” Kallista Alam.

Most criminal is Yusuf’s threat that, in effect, holds a lighted match to what remains of Aceh’s rainforest. Here’s this insane boast: ”That concession, 1600 hectares, was like a pinch to the international community. Maybe I will make a threat to lift the moratorium [entirely] to make them look at Aceh.” That’ll show ’em! Mideast dictators and African warlords (and Rick Santorum) couldn’t sound more deranged.

There’s quite a gaping hole in logic to Yusuf’s argument, however. Assuming arguendo that he were truly attempting to get the world to focus on the whole deforestation-adds-to-climate-change thing, his own actions undercut that. Why grant the permit in secret back in August 2011? Why then sit back patiently for months, desperately hoping and praying in silence, that this secret grant would then be uncovered by dutiful (but always nettlesome) NGOs, who would then hopefully trumpet the land grab to the world after it popped up in the arcana of newly created maps (see above)? Little problem there, buddy.

Just when you think the man is a liar, a thief, and a traitor to his own people and land, you can add another label: a lunatic.

UPDATED 5/25/2012:  Looks like a bit of sanity bubbles to the surface of the Indonesian toilet bowl of palm oil/government collusion and corruption.  Thanks to worldwide outcry, the government has re-listed certain parts of forestland on the moratorium maps.  YAY!  But nothing’s for certain in that banana republic.  (Not that we’re getting any NEW land added, just old land rightfully reinstated that was removed by that criminal Irwandi Yusuf.)  And it took worldwide attention to do it.  KEEP IT UP!

Here’s the link to a story:


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