Ruling on Walhi Aceh Litigation Imminent

palm oil

palm oil (Photo credit: Wrote)

The much-anticipated Walhi Aceh litigation ruling is at approximately 8 pm Pacific Time — and the whole world is watching now that the palm oil companies have illegally torched this protected land and slaughtered innocent animals, bringing the wrath of the world down upon them. If this inhumane act doesn’t mobilize the world what will and when — when the last forests are gone? That’s too late.

A Twitter, email, fax bombardment took place over the weekend to continue the pressure on the government power-brokers in Indonesia to rule on this point of law and in favor of the rainforests and all its inhabitants — and to hold the palm oil companies accountable (yeah, right).

Here’s the media release:

And watch this film on what’s at stake.

Hopefully we’ll have some good news. But even if there is — who’s to say that the palm oil criminals won’t just continue to ignore the rule of law!?

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