Surawak’s Land Development Minister Needs a Visit from the Ghost of Rainforests Future — or an Orang

  RAN Investigates Palm Oil Controversy in Indonesia

In the below article, it says, among other startling and sad things:

“In 2010 a Malaysian Star article reported, According to Sarawak’s Land Development Minister, James Masing, the government needed to look into a “more aggressive” conversion of native lands into oil palm plantations. He said that the state government intended to double its oil palm plantation area from the current 920,000 hectares to 2 million hectares by 2020.”

I think Dr James Masing needs to have a deep, down personal experience with the flora and fauna of these rainforests, and an orangutan, in particular — in Scrooge-like fashion (ghosts of rainforest future, maybe?), if necessary — to truly appreciate the beauty and value of the very forests he wants to rape all in the name of short term greed and profits.

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