The Big Corporations Respond to My One-Man Email Vendetta!

Environmental NGOs came out with a report implicating National Geographic, Danone (Dannon), and Xerox, et. al., in using those earth rapists, Asia Pulp and Paper, as a paper supply vendor, thereby aiding in the destruction of the Southeast Asian rainforests. 

The responses are coming in to my one-man email vendetta against these companies, calling for boycotts (no more Activia Yogurt!).  Here’s one from Nat Geo:

“National Geographic has been erroneously targeted by Greenpeace, who did not speak to us prior to posting their blog regarding Asia Pulp & Paper. We no longer use materials supplied by this company and have not for several years. National Geographic Society is committed to sourcing sustainable products and controlling the materials used in the production to the greatest extent possible. National Geographic Society and its subsidiaries require that all products manufactured and delivered for NGS comply with all local and national laws and regulations. The purchaser and/or manufacturer must ensure that all supplied paper and other materials conform to the Lacey Act as amended in May 2008. In addition, any materials, paper or other forest product must be sourced in compliance with internationally accepted forestry protocols. No paper or other materials shall be derived from high-conservation-value forests or other illegal sources. All materials must be harvested sustainably.”

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