Limbaugh Triples Down on Sandra Fluke Comments

As if calling her a “slut” and a “prostitute,” and saying she should have to make porn videos of her sexual couplings so he could watch in order for her to get contraceptives paid for by employers, Limbaugh triples down on his comments today.  (And whereby advertisers like Sleep Train started pulling their ads.  Yes, the market speaks!)

This troglodyte’s soul (assuming he has one) should be haunted by every woman (and man) who has ever been a partner to a contraceptive’s use.  Wherever he goes, whatever he does, he should be protested and followed — with torches and pitchforks, if necessary — to the point that he has no place to retreat, save to his ostentatious Xanadu-like Palm Beach manse (a paean to “There’s a sucker born every minute”), where he would be forced into self-imposed seclusion and exile, like a cut-down, sad, and demented Charles Foster Kane.


UPDATE 3/3/2012:   Apology schmapology.

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