Death of a Douche

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Playing off of Andrew Breitbart’s asshole-ish postmortem insult to Ted Kennedy  (calling him “human excrement,’) you’ve got to read Matt Taibbi’s “tribute” to Breitbart, who died yesterday.  Classic.  In short, here it is summed up by its own last sentence, “Good riddance, co*ksucker.   Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

From my POV, Ted Kennedy — a flawed Have, with a tragic private life — helped a hell of alot of Have Nots in the world to have a better life.  Who the hell did Breitbart — a Have, who seemingly helped nobody but a bunch of Haves who already had it — help?  I’ll take an idealist like Kennedy over a cynical, jaded, shill-for-the-rich like Breitbart any day.

UPDATE:  After Rolling Stone posted Taibbi’s scathing piece, the mag’s website’s comments page lit up with Breitbart’s crazy minions posting Taibbi’s personal info, including cell phone, home address, home phone, etc., so that he (and his wife) could be metaphorically fire-bombed with invective.

In addition to his wife, children and adoptive parents, Breitbart leaves a blind following of wicked acolytes who actually believe this piece of “human excrement” did anything good for humanity.

Perhaps he should be best known for his last “bombshell” — the “new” footage he bragged about at CPAC of Obama speaking at a rally for “radical” Harvard Law Professor Derrick Bell while he was a Harvard Law student in the early 1990s.    Wasn’t this on a 2008 Frontline piece?

Breitbart fu*ks-up again from beyond the grave.   Only the Palins, Hannity and No Spin Zones think is is anything to get wet over.

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